Sweet and Savory


Yes, of-course we make muffins at Little Miss Muffin!

We use quality ingredients, & scratch recipes, perfected by our talented pastry team

  • APPLE CRUMBLE: Cinnamon flavoured, apple rich with a crumble topping.  6 x 160 grams
  • BLUEBERRY: A heavy dense muffin packed with full flavoured blueberries. 6 x 160 grams
  • BRAN BANANA: a wholesome banana muffin with the addition of bran & pecans.  6 x 160 grams
  • BUTTERSCOTCH & WHITE CHOCOLATE: Butterscotch intense, with the balance of white chocolate bits.  6 x 160 grams
  • CHOC CHIP: A vanilla muffin generously dotted with dark chocolate buds.  6 x 160 grams
  • DOUBLE CHOC: A dark chocolate muffin with chocolate chips, dutch cocoa & sour cream for added richness.  6 x 160 grams
  • RASPBERRY & WHITE CHOCOLATE: A proven  winning flavour combination of plump raspberries & white chocolate bits.  6 x 160 grams
  • WHITE CHOCOLATE & MACADAMIA: The famous Queensland bush nut & white chocolate bits in a vanilla flavoured muffin.  6 x 160 grams                                                                                                                                                        SAVOURY MUFFINS

  • SPINACH & FETA MUFFIN: A savoury muffin of spinach, feta & cheddar with a touch of nutmeg.  6 x 170 grams
  • ZUCCHINNI, SWEET POTATO & RELISH: **Gluten Intolerant Friendly.** Jam packed with the goodness of fresh zucchini & sweet potato, gluten free flour & the flavour of cheddar, parmesan & dill, then topped with a spicy, sweet relish &  sunflower seeds. Colourful, wholesome & flavourful.
zucchinni, sweet potato & relish muffin





available in a Vegetarian & gluten free variety!


  1. VEGETABLE FRITTATA:                                                                                      A vegetarian & gluten intolerant friendly “Spanish classic” baked seasoned omelette of cheese & vegetables.                                                             
  2. SPINACH & HAM FRITTATA:                                                                                   Red peppers, onion & cheese complete this variety of baked Spanish omelette.                                                                                                                                                                     
  3. ZUCCHINI & HAM FRITTATA: Seasoned  baked Spanish omelette of Zucchini, onion, ham & cheese.



Our Frittatas are available in:

  • Vegetarian (gluten friendly) 6 x 215grams
  • Spinach & Ham 6 x 220grams
  • Zucchini & Bacon 6 x 210grams


Serve with a salad for a full meal..


Our Quiche are available in 6 flavours

  1. CHICKEN, AVOCADO & SUNDRIED TOMATO:                                                  Braised chicken, fresh Haas avocado, semi-dried tomato baked in a cheesy, full cream royale.                                                                                      8 x 140 grams
  2. QUICHE LORRAINE:                                                                                                                     Simple “French Classic” ham, onion, and cheese, a whole egg & cream royale, baked in a uniquely shaped butter shortcrust shell.     8 x 130 grams
  3. PUMPKIN, SPINACH & FETA QUICHE:                                              Another Vegetarian option. Oven roast Queensland Blue pumpkin, baby spinach leaves, Feta cheese & garnished with sunflower seeds.                     8×130 grams
  4. MEDITERRANEAN QUICHE:                                                                          Marinated egg-plant 7  kalamata olives along with sundried tomato & fire roasted peppers, lend this vegetarian offering it’s mediterranean  flavour.                                                                                      8 x 135 gram
  5. SPINACH & RICOTTA QUICHE:                                                               Four different cheeses, ricotta, feta, parmesan, & cheddar combine with spinach, onion, garlic & herbs in this vegetarian quiche.                               8 x 140 grams
  6. EGG & BACON QUICHE:                                                                               A butter shortcrust shell, full cream & whole egg royale, bacon, onion & cheddar, topped with a whole oven baked egg, garnished with more bacon.              8 x 150 grams


A must have for high  teas!

Enjoy with a latte at your favourite café.

  A naturally flavoured buttery, nutty treat.

                       *Gluten intolerant  Friendly*

  • BLUEBERRY FRIAND:                                                                                            a buttery almond based cake topped with full flavoured blueberries.
  • RASPBERRY FRIAND:                                                                                             A treat for the gluten intolerant, or anyone for that matter, topped with plump raspberries.
  • MIXED BERRY FRIAND:                                                                                           Egg white based almond treat, topped with  a ripe berry combination.
  • LIME & COCONUT FRIAND:                                                                                     Zesty lime & coconut, another naturally flavoured friand in our range.
  • CHOCOLATE & HAZELNUT FRIAND:                                                                        Hazelnut meal, dutch cocoa, topped with macadamia nuts for a different friand experience.



Friands available in 7 flavours:

  • Blueberry 6 x 80.50 grams
  • Choc hazelnut 6 x 80.50 grams
  • Lime & coconut 6 x 80.50 grams
  • Mixed berry 6 x 80.50 grams
  • Raspberry 6 x 80.50 grams


Cafe classics


Slices available in 12 flavours & styles:

  • LEMON COCONUT SLICE:                                                                            A zesty lemon & coconut, pressed biscuit base topped with a tangy citrus butter icing.                           16 Pieces (1680g)
  • CHOCOLATE COCONUT SLICE:                                                                 Homestyle baked chocolate slice with a thin rich chocolate icing dusted with coconut.                                      16 Pieces (1520g)
  • CARAMEL SLICE:                                                                                                  Baked Golden Syrup caramel on a biscuit base topped with chocolate.                                                                  15 pieces (1980g)
  • MACADAMIA SLICE:                                                                                           The famous Queensland bush nut, baked in a buttery biscuit based caramel slice.                                       15 Pieces (1875g)
  • BROWNIE SLICE:                                                                                                 A dense, rich chocolate cake with a fudgy texture, dusted with confectioner’s sugar.                          15 Pieces (1500g)
  • CHERRY RIPE SLICE:                                                                                    Pressed chocolate biscuit base with a chewy filling of coconut & glace cherries, topped with dark chocolate.                             15 Pieces (1680g)
  • APPLE STREUSEL SLICE:                                                                            A gluten intolerant friendly “Continental Classic”. Buttery almond & apple cake topped with a nutty crumble.                        15 pieces (2070g)
  • RASPBERRY COCONUT ICE SLICE:                                                            A childhood favourite with the fragrant flavour of raspberries & melt in the mouth, eating quality. (Gluten friendly)                16 pieces (1580g)
  • PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE:                                                                          An American sweeet staple. Two fudges come together, chocolate on bottom, peanut butter on top. (Gluten intolerant  Friendly)              30 pieces (1640g)
  • VEGAN GOLDEN PUMPKIN FUDGE:                                                      A vegan friendly fudge of pumpkin & peanut butter, sprinkled with sesame seeds & pepitas, the flavour reminiscent of pumpkin pie. (Gluten intolerant friendly)
  • VEGAN DATE & PECAN SLICE:                                                                  A spiced, dense, eggless & dairy free date cake with the nutty addition of pecans.
  • WHITE CHOCOLATE & NUTELLA BLONDIE:                                     An incredibly chewy white chocolate twist on the classic American brownie with Nutella feathered through the sweet batter before baking.

LOAVES AND BAR CAKES:                                                                                        including


  • Vegan
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free
  • Eggless
  • Refined Sugar Free
  • Gluten Intolerant Friendly varieties.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Slice to your desired thickness

  • BANANA BREAD LOAF: *dairy free*    *nut free*                                                        full flavoured, tight crumbed loaf, ideal for toasting.
  • BANANA & PECAN LOAF: *dairy free*                                                                                                  crushed pecans for added texture & flavour.
  • GLUTEN FREE BANANA BREAD: *gluten intolerant friendly* *nut free* *dairy free*                                                                                                                                         although gluten free, this loaf is not unlike our “traditional banana bread”
  • ORANGE & CHOCOLATE MARBLE LOAF: *gluten intolerant friendly*                                                                 moist almond meal  cake of rich chocolate & fragrant orange flavours marbled together.
  • CARAMEL FIG LOAF: *nut free* *refined sugar free*                                                                                                 chunky fig pieces, golden syrup & sour cream lend a unique flavour & density to this ideal for toasting loaf cake.
  • VEGAN APPLE & PAW-PAW LOAF: *vegan* * egg free* *refined sugar free* *dairy free*                                                                                                                                                                 Definitely a cake to keep   the healthy eaters & vegans happy, apple pure, raw sugar, wholemeal flour, almond milk & candied paw-paw  just some of the wholesome ingredients in this surprising light & moist loaf cake.                                                                                                                                             
  • RUM, RAISIN & ORANGE PEEL LOAF: *refined sugar free* *nut free*                                                                   a traditional east European loaf cake of rum steeped plump raisins & zesty orange peel baked in a citrus flavoured butter cake.
  • ZUCCHINI LOAF:  *DAIRY FREE*                                                                                                                  GRATED ZUCCHINI,  COMBINE WITH CINAMON & NUTMEG FOR ANOTHER WHOLESOME LOAF CAKE EXPERIENCE.



Our loafs are available in these flavours.

  • Banana pecan bread 1220 grams (Dairy free)
  • Banana bread 1220 grams (Dairy free)
  • Banana bread 1000g (Gluten friendly, dairy free)


Single Serves:

  • VEGAN HEALTH BARS: *vegan* *refined sugar free* *dairy free* *egg free*                                                                                                                              wholemeal flour, raw sugar, almond milk, coconut , apricots, paw-paw, pecans, dates these bars are packed with goodness.                              
  • ORANGE ALMOND BARS: *gluten intolerant friendly*                                middle-eastern specialty, oranges, almond meal & butter are the main elements of this syrup cake.                                                                                       
  • CHOCOLATE ALMOND BUTTER CAKE BARS: *gluten intolerant friendly*                                                                                                                                        a buttery, dutch cocoa rich almond cake.
  • STICKY DATE CAKE: *gluten intolerant friendly*                                                                a gluten free version of the classic winter pudding, with a sticky caramel piped on top.
  • APPLE & RHUBARB CRUMBLE: *gluten intolerant friendly*                                        tart baked rhubarb combined with apple on a gluten free almond base & crumble topping of the same.
  • CHOCOLATE, DATE & PEANUT BUTTER PROTEIN BALLS:                                            whey powder, dates, honey, coconut oil, peanut, & dutch cocoa, packed with “super foods”.
  • VANILA & APRICOT PROTEIN BALLS:                                                                                     these “super food” balls contain coconut, apricots, honey, whey powder, peanut & coconut oil.


Our bars are available in these flavours.

  • Orange & Almond Bar Gluten Friendly 8 x 115 grams
  • Vegan health bars (dairy free) 8 x 150 grams
  • Chocolate Almond Butter Cake (Gluten Friendly) 8 x 115 grams

Protein Balls

are available in these flavours.

  • Vanilla, Peanut and Apricot 8 x 45 grams
  • Chocolate, peanut and date 8 x 45 grams


Handmade Butter Cookies with ” A Big Delight in Every Bite”


Available in 7 flavours:

  • Lemon Myrtle:  Two  delicate Macadamia Nut butter shortbread biscuits, sandwiched together with a lemon myrtle cream icing…….. 5 x 72 grams
  • Rainbow Dark:  A firm, Dutch cocoa flavoured, crisp butter cookie dotted with the fun of smarties………………………………………………..  8 x 55 grams
  • Rainbow Light:  Brown sugar & butter for flavour & texture, perfect baking for the snap & smarties for fun…………………………… 8 x 55 grams
  • White choc macadamia:  Egg enriched shortbread with the added texture of fine Macadamia crumb, & white chocolate shards…………8 x 55 grams
  • Mega choc chip:  Crisp butter shortbread, large dark chocolate chips baked on top……………………………………… ……………………….  8 x 55 grams
  • Dutch triple choc:  A chocolate rich butter cookie, with baked on dark & white chocolate buttons………………………………………………… 8 x 55 grams


Serve with jam and cream for a memorable “Devonshire Tea”.

Big & fluffy, baked individually in their own baking parchment case, our secret recipe scones come in either Plain or Date.



Available in

  • Plain 9 x 130 grams 
  • Date 9 x 130 grams


A savoury treat


Available in:

  • Spinach and Ricotta: A Greek vegetarian classic  of spinach, ricotta, feta, parmesan, onion, herbs, spices & a hint of garlic baked within the fine layers of buttered filo pastry………………… – 70g
  •  Other filo fillings & sizes available on request.

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